Francis (Regina Casé) is the best and most experienced sales person at Casa São Jorge, a traditional toy store at S.A.A.R.A (a commercial association between arabs, jews and brazilians) in Rio de Janeiro. This peacefull “litte UN” gets shaken up by the arrival of chinese business. The indifference and isolation of these new businessmen, in aliance with the low prices of their products, provoque an uproar in the arab-jew community. Without knowing or wanting, Francis and the love triangle with Carlos Eduardo, Dindin and Chao play a decisive role at resolving this diplomatic crisis. Long-feature comedy starring Regina Casé, Otávio Augusto, Juliana Alves and Luís Lobianco.


Directed by: Estevão Ciavatta
Co-produced by: Pindorama Filmes, Conspiração and Globo Filmes.
Sponsors: Petrobras, Caixa Seguros, RioFilme, Neoenergia, Taesa, Oi Futuro and Telemar

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